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Finally! The Rideshare book we didn't know we needed, until it arrived!

The ride share industry still remains a mystery to many. In it's short existence it has set a new standard in travel and appears to be here to stay! But women in particular remain skeptical, especially when it comes to driving. Though we see many more of them sitting in the driver's seat, transporting strangers near and far, others shake their heads in wonderment and shudder in anticipatory fear. In the book, AREN'T YOU SCARED? Lessons from a Lady Rideshare Driver, veteran journalist and communications specialist DeBorah B. Pryor takes the reader inside the culture of the ride share industry. 

Two years and 4600 trips later with UBER, Pryor has driven a multitude of riders with varying personalities, races and cultures, sexualities, religions, political parties and socio-economic lifestyles. She has conversed with nuns, NASA employees, engineers, gamer's and animators, prostitutes, construction workers, drug dealers, celebrities, doctors, nurses and and more. 

Yet and still, what sets AREN'T YOU SCARED? Lessons from a Lady Rideshare Driver apart from any other book of its kind is that it doesn't stop at "all of the interesting people" in the back seat.  Pryor digs in and goes deeper -- sharing what she has learned about different races and cultures; what surprised her about her own people, fears she struggled to overcome, how she handles difficult behaviors and challenging personalities, the importance of giving feedback to UBER,  how to "read" people, the interesting dynamic of driving "couples" and more.. 

Still, reader's (especially fans) will without a doubt be fascinated by the chapter detailing the author's 16-minute drive with PARIS JACKSON, the 19-year-old daughter of "The King of Pop." 

Drivers and first-time business owners will also find valuable information inside chapters like: How to handle your new business, why UBER/Rideshare is NOT the "side hustle" for just anybody, the Importance of knowing when to talk or when to just listen, and how to become a great conversationalist. She even shares a handful of the comments (positive and negative) rider's have shared with UBER about the experience.

There's so much packed into the mere 66 pages of this book! 

Meet the Author

 DeBorah B. Pryor began her journalism career in Harlem, New York in the early 70’s. She has worked in public relations for New York’s acclaimed Metropolitan Opera, as personal assistant to the legendary Sly Stone of Sly & The Family Stone, was the former West coast Editor at the music trade publication, Black Radio Exclusive (BRE) magazine and in radio at 92.3 The Beat during the reign of John London and the House Party.

She has been a writer with Lee Bailey's  Electronic Urban Report (EURweb) since 2003. Today, as a senior editor at the site, her features include celebrity interviews, theatre, concert and new book reviews. She also manages EURThisNthat, the daily news blog site for EURweb. 

As an entrepreneur, DeBorah also operates a LegalShield business at deborahbpryor.wearelegalshield.com. 

DeBorah is an unpublished Children’s book author and attended the Institute for Children's Literature. 

 AREN’T YOU SCARED: Lessons from a Lady Rideshare Driver is her first nonfiction book.