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Aicha Fall writes..."DeBorah you are an amazing writer and story teller! I feel that I am having my first experience as a ride share driver through your words and stories until I take a leap an try it!!! I will finish the second half tonight and so far I am loving it"

Joelle N. writes:  

"What a writer!!! Great stories, some very funny even Joan thought so 😆 Love the one of the ride with Paris It gave me chills!!! Ride share driving seems fun and full of experiences....

I’ll share the book with friends for sure 😍"

Sherry Windsong (FB) writes:

Is your badass wearing gloves?'  LOL!!

Oh DeBorah, I so enjoyed reading your experiences as a rideshare driver! I finally got the opportunity today to read your book cover to cover (because of a missed day at work due to back pain and a sleepless night). You sure are in that "human zone", regardless of the type of encounters with people, and I wish more people could have experiences that lead them that way too. If only everyone could get into that human zone! It's clear that your passengers appreciate your personality and interactions with them. I especially enjoyed the story about Paris, and it's nice to know she is so kind and down to earth, raised so well with her Dad's values. When you were hesitant to say you were also a journalist, I kept thinking that I wished she knew about your wonderful article about her dad, Will Humanity Ever Visit the Media, and she would then have complete trust in you as a journalist! But I'm glad she could sense you were a good person. And I hope she has now put two and two together to realize you also wrote that wonderful piece on Michael.

Thanks for sharing your stories... it was a fun and interesting read! I don't expect to ever be a rideshare driver, but for those who are considering it there are lots of useful tips as well!

Five stars!


Dominic Jenkinson  (FB) writes: Enjoying DeBorah B. Pryor’s book about her experiences as an Uber driver. Excellent insight into what it’s like to behind the wheel and the people who ride along.  

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